Floating Upstream: Early Works of J S Kingfisher

J S Kingfisher: Floating Upstream

Floating Upstream is a collection of J S Kingfisher's very early work. It includes "Twisted Man", "Rivers of God", and the mesmerizing "Home".

Featured performers on Floating Upstream:

J S Kingfisher: keyboards, lead vocals
Tony Blondal: guitars
Fritz Lewak: drums, percussion
David Sutton: bass
Matthew Krejci: flutes
Eric Achen: french horn
Sid Page: violin
Dave Marotta: bass
Doug Norwine
: sax
Patty Brooks: vocals
Petsye Powell: vocals
Terry Wood: vocals
Brad Ellis
: synclavier
Mike Benedict: sax
Lubo Georgiev: cello
Roger Burn: vibes
...and several members of the Sacramento Symphony
on woodwinds and strings

Composed and arranged by J S Kingfisher
Produced by
J S Kingfisher and Greg Townley

Floating Upstream Track List:

1. The Calling
2. Rivers Of God
3. Affirmation
4. Jewel in the Crown
5. Bells of Serene
6. Up
7. Twisted Man
8. Mary and Martha
9. Home

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