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Philomuse is proud to present J S Kingfisher's Vesica Piscis, first released to wide acclaim on the First Light label in 1998. This dreamy, sophisticated album features radio staples Cave, Turtle Diary, and At Night I Fly to Heaven (sometimes France).

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Featured performers on Vesica Piscis:

J S Kingfisher: keyboards, lead vocals, synth bass, quartz bowls
Martin Tillman: cello
Tony Blondal: guitars, balalaika, dulcimer, mandolin
Gayle Levant: harp
Roger Burn: vibes, chant
Steve Tavaglione: EWI, clarinet
Fritz Lewak: drums, percussion, chant
David Sutton: bass, chant, percussion
Steve Forman: percussion
Geraldine Rotella: flute
John Yoakum: oboe

Composed and arranged by J S Kingfisher
Produced by
J S Kingfisher and Greg Townley

Vesica Piscis Track List:

1. Cave
2. Sister Falling
3. At Night I Fly to Heaven (somethimes France)
4. Turtle Diary
5. Harvest Fires
6. Kelly's Dream in the Rain
7. Jesus in the Garden of Bees
8. A Forest of Apples
9. Bird Dreams
10. Always Coming Home

A few excerpts from reviews on

"Eclectic... tuneful... "Kelly's Dream in the Rain"... "Always Coming Home"... I play both of these pieces, and others from this CD, on a radio program in Alaska. "Always Coming Home" is a particular favorite of listeners... "
—Guardian of the Zen Sea

"I was pulling into my driveway late one night when this album began playing on a late-night new age show on the radio. I was immediately entranced and ended up listening to the album in its entirety, right there in my car, sitting in the driveway. I found it on Amazon and ordered my own copy, and since it has grown to be one of my favorite albums."
—Timothy G. McCoy

"A truly original voice soars into the heavens...a breath of sweet fire. Kingfisher is that one in a million artist whose musical signature and style are completely unique. Absolutely mesmerizing..."
—"A Customer"

The Vesica Piscis Labyrinth: the original webpages from the Vesica Piscis project. Poetry, myth, images, music ... lots of interesting stuff. (This is an archive; some links may not work.)

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Above: Center spread from the 28-page Vesica Piscis CD booklet in the original 1998 CD release (reduced size).

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