John Steiner: Out of the Blue John Steiner: Out of the Blue

Out Of The Blue consists of eleven lovely and heartfelt tracks composed by John Steiner during "the quiet hours of San Francisco's Mission District after midnight."

From the liner notes: "Weeknights, at one or two in the morning, streets that are busy and noisy by day become quiet and deserted. It's the yin and yang of the city. In the temporal serenity of the city's wee hours, we're free to explore the realm of sympathetic vibrations... hearing notes that expand and change color as they bleed away."

Among John’s spacious compositions on Out of the Blue are the powerful Prayer for Peace and the moving Deep; and deep indeed are the places this album takes us as it journeys from light to shadow to light again. Out of the Blue is quite simply a treasure.

Piano: John Steiner
Cello: Ann Lerner-Wright
Vocals: Sharon Henderson
Percussion: Paulo Baldi

Produced by J S Kingfisher


"With Romantic and Impressionistic influences, This is the perfection of Classical embracing Easy Listening. These elegant, moving and cozy pieces for piano, cello and vocals are the epitome of this genre, and unlike the "elevator music" that typically bombards this style, you will be speechless at how beautiful it can be. This is way beyond new age; way too intelligent to skip past."

- CD Baby

Track List

1. For You, My Dear
2. Happy
3. Clear
4. Prayer for Peace
5. Lasting Impressions
6. Afterthought
7. Elegant Recollections
8. Open
9. Deep
10. Julia
11. Mexican Lullaby

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